Rebranding 2022: new image, same values.



After several months of work and development, we are very proud to be able to present the rebranding of the Adapta Socios brand: a new visual identity and corporate image.

Since Adapta Socios was born, no change in visual identity had been considered, but we believe that, after this first stage, it is time to develop a logo that shows and arouses curiosity about what we do. We have tried to make our logo move away from the traditional to achieve a more innovative and modern look, working not only on the logo concept but also on visual elements to represent the most important aspects of our company.

Rebranding logotipo Adapta Socios
Rebranding logo Adapta Partners 2022

The logo has been separated from its previous aesthetic line to adopt a much more modern look and enter into a close relationship with the company’s values. We have updated the color that represents us, green, which is now more energetic and vibrant, which represents an update of the color that modernizes the corporate identity of the company but at the same time serves as a link with its roots. The commitment to sustainability is no longer the future, but rather the present and at Adapta Socios we are committed to it. That is why with this color in our logo we wink at this reality and our commitment to sustainability.

Patrón logotipo Adapta Socios
Adapta Socios 2022 logo pattern

Adapta Socios is made up of its investment partners, its employees, its founders… We wanted all of us to be somehow represented in the visual identity since we work together to achieve the objectives through of effort and perseverance. In addition, this pattern refers to the business model of Kanso Hostel and Kanso Coliving, whose center is the relationships and experiences that our clients have.

This pattern refers to different types of geometric shapes that represent the different investment opportunities that we at Adapta Socios always try to find. This reinforces the concept that at Adapta we work to seek, find or create profitable alternatives that complement the assets of our partners.

Finally, we did not want to miss the opportunity to thank the agency that has accompanied us and helped us throughout this YUNGLE MARKETING process.

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