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Equipo Adapta Socios



We are an investment company where we create profitable alternatives that complement the assets of our long-term investment partners. Adapta Socios was born from the union of businessmen and private bankers with extensive experience in the financial and business real estate sector; Currently, we form a team of more than 30 professionals with experience in the development of projects and creation of companies that together build a value proposition focused on investments and investors, we offer different models that complement the assets of the participants of each project. .

We have independent criteria in making investment decisions and a network of contacts that allows us to offer unique, different investment opportunities with high returns, making us one of the safest bets on the market.

Equipo Adapta Socios
Team Adapta Partners – Kick Off 2022 Madrid

At Adapta Socios we do not work with clients, we work with partners with whom we seek to co-invest in projects, increase and build wealth together, and form long-term relationships based on the needs and objectives of each one, always seeking the best alternatives and the success in projects. We offer management capacity, experience and the best strategies in different investment models that complement the assets of the participants in each project.

“At Adapta Socios we don’t work with clients, we work with partners”

Our priority is the relationship we build with our investment partners based on trust and transparency of each project we develop, keeping as our main focus the continuous search for alternative strategies that benefit the assets of our partners. We are a team that is characterized by its innovative vision and creativity in the development and implementation of new investment opportunities, which together with our perseverance, effort and dedication has led us to achieve the best results.

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Reacciones de los mercados esta semana

Market reactions this week

Market reaction to possible ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. The rumor of an agreement in the war improves the mood of the markets and the indices manage to recover 50% of the annual fall.


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