Samuel Gómez Crespo


Samuel is our President and he came up with the idea of creating Adapta with the current partners and he has been able to instil in our business projects the values that define him, such as transparency, commitment and honesty. He has a high capacity for empathy and his perception and foresight enables us to adapt to any situation.
He is a nice, pleasant guy with such high resilience that he never falters in the face of the challenges we set for ourselves. He has a calm spirit that allows him to remain collected in the face of the most adverse situations. Samuel has developed his career in both Mexico and Spain. He started in the world of retail fashion, in his native country, from a very young age; He suffered the crises of the 90s with the depreciation of the peso, entered the financial world in a securities agency, continued in Private Banking, but never left his business roots. He is involved in various sectors such as hotels and tourism, belongs to different boards of directors and is able to reach agreements even in the toughest of situations. He knows how to understand other points of view and find the meeting point that makes relationships flow. He has an amazing gift of being late for all internal meetings and early for all external ones. At Adapta we like our President.

Gabriel Carrillo Capel

Vice president

Gabriel is the Vice President of Adapta. He is an intelligent and capable person. He has a tremendous analytical spirit that allows him to see beyond and come up with innovative solutions He is very assertive and, is able to defend his position while respecting other people’s points of views, and at the same time has the agility and adaptability to change his point of view when necessary.
Gabriel has developed his career in the financial world within the Investment Banking sector. He has travelled around the world and has been engaged by different entities which appreciate his commitment and high capacity for work. He is an investor in a large number of business projects and enjoys learning from all sectors. The only “but” that we put in Adapta is that, sometimes, it is difficult for us to follow him in his approaches, since he is always one step ahead of us. Our vice president brings us ideas and visions that make us grow as a company and as individuals. At Adapta we also like our Vice President.

Carlos Baños


Carlos serves as CEO of Adapta. He has always been an entrepreneur and transmits to us the necessary values to achieve success as a team and as professionals. He is hardworking, creative and a keen strategist. His persistence forces him to conscientiously study all the questions that his responsibilities require.
He has a high degree of leadership that leads him to take responsibility which in turn encourages all of us to fulfill our obligations. He is capable of planning in the short, medium and long term with sufficient know-how that the market, our partners and our organization are aligned on a joint path that allows us to achieve success. Carlos has had companies of Leisure, Engineering, Promoters, Factories, Servicing and Services in general. He has developed projects in the Construction, Real Estate, Aquaculture, Sports and Mediation sectors. He has led organizations with a high volume of employees and significant geographic expansion. We like our CEO and he is very sweet. He doesn’t get angry very easily, but when he does, it’s best to avoid him.

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