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We maintain a constant search for new opportunities, ideas and profitable projects in which to invest or create in the business field. We participate and invest in startup investment funds and, we act as business angels. We place special emphasis on the study of the feasibility of the project, contributing all our resources towards the analysis of all the elements that make up the business.

Throughout all these years we have come across

  • Situations where we see that there is an opportunity and/or unmet need and at Adapta Socios
    we create and manage the project from scratch.
  • Other situations in which we have found the perfect partner, either because of their knowledge
    of the sector or because of the value they bring to the project. In these cases we usually form a
    partnership with them for business development.


Kanso Coliving is a company dedicated to renting rooms for tenants who want to stay in Madrid in the medium and long term. The Kanso Coliving user is an international user looking to get to know Madrid and the experiences that our city offers.

At Adapta Socios we started this project from scratch in 2020 and we currently have more than 60 rooms and another 110 in progress. The locations are chosen based on their future occupancy capacity and the profitability they can offer our investment partners.

We have a platform that allows us to search, reserve and pay for rooms, as well as a wide range of experiences for our tenants to enjoy. The rooms have everything necessary to make life pleasant for its occupants. In addition, all the projects are designed by an interior designer to give added value and move away from obsolete and basic models that do not satisfy the quality of life of the tenants.

We seek to generate modern and comfortable spaces for people who come to live in Madrid. We want to facilitate and liven up the reservation process, which is why we have a team willing to answer any questions and guide people to find their best housing option.


Kanso Hostel is a Design Hostel located in the center of Madrid that offers lodging for short stays. The space has a modern and welcoming design based on the concept of simplicity. This concept seeks to host a customer profile that is increasingly generating more demand, design hostels being their favorite place to stay on their trips.

Hostels are, increasingly, a major attraction for the client who travels alone and is seeking to be immersed in a 360º experience in a new city. Kanso Hostel not only offers you the possibility to stay in a friendly environment, but also offers you the possibility to share experiences, learn about and build connections within the community.

We have the Kanso Experience service which allows you to create calendars with different leisure activities , making it easy to organize day and night activities around the city, making the most of your stay in Madrid while generating community with people from different parts of the world.

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Vivirla is a company that wants to change the paradigm of housing search, turning the process of acquiring “the ideal house” into the best experience for the client. We offer a team with experience in the real estate sector, interior designers, Home Advisors, remodelling and all the management capacity required to deliver the best results.

Our activity is based on:

  • 100% personalized service. Our clients will have an advisor who will accompany them
    throughout the process, from the search for housing, the reform process to the final delivery.
    Our advisors will understand the needs of each person and will answer any questions you may
    have about the purchase and financing.
  • We have technologies that allow access to up-to-date information on the process of buying and
    reforming the home. This will guarantee the continuous presence of the client in all decisions.
  • The experience of the team guarantees the best prices and properties that adapt to the needs
    of the clients.

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La Casa del Token

La Casa Del Token is an alternative option to make tokenized real estate investments, it combines Real Estate with Blockchain technology that, through a web 3.0, connects the small and medium investor who is interested in the real estate sector and derivatives; All investments comply with the requirements of the CNMV.

We use smart contracts, a new technology that is simpler and more intuitive, which allows us to create Security Tokens and distribute them for minimum tickets of €100 among all investors. Making an investment with La Casa del Token means acquiring part of a property with their respective investment and obtaining annual passive income without fixed costs.

Create Security Tokens and distribute them for minimum tickets of €100 among all investors. Making an investment with La Casa del Token means acquiring part of a property with their respective investment and obtaining annual passive income without fixed costs.

The objective of this project is to make available to all users the possibility of investing in the real estate market and benefiting from the wealth of knowledge available via Adapta partners.

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We study the innovative projects that come to us and we recommend those that we believe in. We also mentor some of them.

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Do you have any project?

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