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Spain. We have lived through times of developmentalism, crisis and bubbles; Currently, we are in a time of reorganization of the real estate market after the definitive end of the great crisis that broke out in 2008 and that substantially modified the sector. For several years, a demand for housing has been generated that offers positive projections for the coming years. The real effective demand is concentrated in different locations and in each of them with defined products that take into account the urban morphology and the socio-economic structure of the environment, having the ability to understand these issues and transfer them to the investment strategy are the first lines of writing a success story in Adapta Socios.

VARI I (High Profitability Vehicle)
VARI I (High Profitability Vehicle)
VARI I (High Profitability Vehicle)

At Adapta Socios we like real estate, we like to tread the streets, the ground and we love to understand and attend to all the information that affects the development of the markets. Our commitment goes through the permanent study of real estate supply and demand, we invest many hours in analyzing any business idea, we are passionate about knowing the rhythm of each operation and detecting trends, their origins and projections; We like urban planning, construction, interior design and marketing. Taking into account our analyses, we are demanding when choosing our locations and investments, we believe that the detail makes the difference in the development of the objectives and helps us to find the concrete path to follow in the search for success.

We have chosen the Madrid market as the epicenter of our activity, where a demand has been generated that today is above the existing supply. The need of homes extends to a wide range of products both by location and by type, making expectations for the coming years promising based on different variables.

Planned urban developments entail a maturation period that means that large developers cannot develop their type of promotions with a high number of units, there are currently no large plots of land in Madrid for the development of large promotions that allow demand to be met existing; This fact allows new developments to enter the market in small land developments in locations affected by gentrification processes, giving way to an optimal moment in the development of “small developers”.

On the other hand, we have second-hand housing in peripheral areas with a population with low purchasing power that is producing a transformation in demand that offers a business opportunity that we are going to attend to. One of the effects of the pandemic has been the need to improve the perception of the place of residence which, together with a new definition of design and comfort, have modified the tastes of buyers demanding homes with greater comforts and better finishes for practical purposes and aesthetic.

Our ambition is to be competitive, not competitors, and our goal is to be better every day, not to be the best; We design our investment projects with two premises: First, we understand the demand, what is sold, how much it is sold for and in how long; And the second is to buy cheap, we do not fall in love with our projects, we are not passionate about seeking profitability, we look for homes or land that we can acquire at a significant discount rate. We want to be a benchmark among our investment partners, not a brand for the general public.

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Reacciones de los mercados esta semana

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Market reaction to possible ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. The rumor of an agreement in the war improves the mood of the markets and the indices manage to recover 50% of the annual fall.


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